Update #1: Crochet

So…it’s been much longer than a week!  For anyone reading this new blog, I apologise, it’s been an eventful time with lots of birthdays, weddings and, lest I forget, work.  So now there will be a series of posts arriving like London buses; you wait ages, and then three turn up at once!

The first thing I want to share with you is an image of some crochet motifs I’ll be teaching people how to make this autumn.  One of my jobs involves being a knitting and crochet tutor at Sew Over It.  It’s brand new and I hope it’ll give people an introduction to some advanced techniques in bitesize pieces.  I have spent so much time teaching people knitting over the past few years that it’s been wonderful to get stuck into something different – I’m almost seeing crochet with fresh, uninitiated eyes!


I have also been working with the owner, Lisa, about developing more new classes for the future, which is very exciting!  The trend for crochet is gathering momentum and the people I’ve taught have been surprised and delighted at how easy it is to pick up.  It’s inspired me to make a few summery tops, one of which is this:


As you can see, it’s in serious need of blocking but that’ll take place at the end!  The eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise it as Kos from Rowan Mag 53, but I’ve customised it a bit.  I’ve rearranged the order of the stripes to make them more regular, which I like better.  Here are a couple of close-ups:Image

And of the yoke:


I am currently hunting around for some winter projects that I can model for my students.  I think it’s a good idea to ‘walk the talk’ and show people what they can do with crochet (and knitting and dressmaking!), especially as crochet makes most people think of cosy afghans and curling up on a sofa.  It can also create gorgeous garments!

Speaking of knitting and dressmaking, there’s more to come from me later!  Back soon.

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