Deadlines and Downtime

Hello everyone…sorry for being a little neglectful.  A few deadlines have come and gone:  I’ve been working away on a few projects and prospects and hope to bring news of those in the coming weeks – but in the meantime I thought to share some pictures of things I’ve managed to find some spare time for over the past couple of weeks.

One thing I love to do is cook…but for a family BBQ last weekend I decided to have a go at baking.  I have a sweet tooth, but desserts don’t excite me – and yes, I am a real human female!  So I had a go at blueberry muffins with a smidgen of lemon and lime and this is what happened:

Muffins1Before Muffins2AfterThey look okay – and most importantly people ate them! – but I think I need a lot more practice.  Next time I attempt them I will add a bit more sugar and perhaps one less egg.  The recipe was interesting; I had no idea that muffins were made from a batter rather than a basic sponge, so technically it was hard for me to understand what was going on with the little baking chemistry I do know.  I can see why pastry chefs are a breed all on their own.  A meal can be wonderful but if the dessert is below par, all can almost be lost.  My mum is an amazing baker and I aspire to be as good as her one day, but there’s some way to go before I can even put a toe in her shoes.  Then again, we all have to start somewhere!  I’m glad I tried.  Daunted, but not deterred.

In local project news, loose ends are finally, not to mention literally, being tied up.NearlyDoneKos
Here is my Kos t-shirt, waiting to be completed.  Just the main seams to go – I think I will see about blocking it again, but I’m very happy with my rearrangement of the stripes on the body.  I think it looks a lot more balanced.NearlyDoneAmy  Below are another two projects in various states of undress: my golden brown Amy cardigan from Kim Hargreaves’ Quirky, and the recoloured fairisle Bute cardigan from Rowan magazine 52, which is waiting for 1 1/2 sleeves, a button band and umpteen hours of sewing in ends!


Colourwork, especially fairisle, is one of my favourite knitting techniques but the ends can be a killer.  For my next fairisle project (TBC; only if it is a cardigan and involves knitting only one row of a colour rather than two) I’m going to try a trick I’ve heard: to knit on DPNs or circulars with stoppers on the ends to.  That way, if the oddly-placed colours are not where I’d like them to be, I can take the stoppers off the ends/turn the work and take them up the side rather than constantly cutting and rejoining the yarn – which always looks wasteful to me.

Having got to the finishing line…sort of…I’m planning what to knit next in my spare time:

AllureKimHargreavesAmber LichenCardiganMag40








The first image (sorry about my thumbnail at the bottom) is of Allure from Kim Hargreaves’ Amber; the second is Lichen from Rowan Magazine 40.  Both are now out of print sadly, but you may be able to borrow a copy of each book from a friend or get lucky on ebay or a knitting shop.  I have already knitted a golden version of Allure, but think I will do another in blush pink.  The cardigan will be in a lovely new green in Kid Classic, called Grasshopper.  Green is not usually a friend of mine but this colour is beautiful.  Getting this colour, not to mention finding out it suited me, was a really nice surprise as I have set myself the task of knitting up my stash for the foreseeable future!

The very last thing I have my eye on is the again out-of-print Innsbruck cardigan from an old Rowan brochure called Classic Alpine.  I am making it in some discontinued Cashsoft Aran from my stash and will share pictures when I have something more interesting to look at than a few centimetres of ribbing!  Getting this and the other projects done – and lest we forget, I’d like to fit in some dressmaking too! – will give me a welcome, much-needed break when my nose has been firmly held to the grindstone.

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