Winter Crochet

It’s been some time since I blogged about anything crochet-related, so I thought I’d share some bits and pieces with you as I take a breather between projects.

First, though, is some good news for south east Londoners looking for crochet lessons!  I will be teaching a beginners crochet class at The White Room, Crofton Park, on Saturday 22nd February.  Readers of my blog might remember that I took part in the local Croftmas fair in the run-up to Christmas last year; some lovely snowflakes were made too.  You can read a bit more about it and my snood kits here, but click the links to find out more about the crochet class, The White Room itself and the many talents of its owner, Nicky Cook.  She has given me a lovely write-up too – thank you very much!

Although it’s still cold, I am already looking forward to flowers and all things springlike.  I ventured out to take a few snaps of flowers (Frosted Flowers?) brave enough to face February and some tightly closed buds waiting for the sun’s cue:

Snowdrops TightlyClosedBudsPinkFlowerBuds


I finished my Thor cardigan a week or so ago and it has hardly been off my back since, it is so snug and warm.  I will take a photo when I can tear myself away from it, promise…  There has been quite enough knitting in my life lately – I anticipate another deadline for early March – so I decided to give the needles and my hands a rest and pick up my hook instead.  It never takes me long to reconnect!

My first quick fix was the Arachne hat by Justine Walley.  I made one of these for a Christmas present and loved the pattern, so decided to make one for myself in maroon.  It is very tempting to make another one as it’s such a quick project.  I note that she has several hat patterns in her Ravelry store (she also sells on Etsy) so I will definitely take a look:

ArachneHat ArachneHatDetail

The last crochet project I got stuck into was the Kos t-shirt last summer, so I am due another.  I thought about a shawl; a large one, as that would be nice to have over my shoulders as a more relaxed layer of clothing.  Most of my shawls double as scarves, so I set off looking for  something I could hide in and that would keep me warm on cool evening walks home in the summer.  I decided on the Sidewalk Shawl, a free pattern from Stitch Nation.  The plan is to make it in some Mirasol Tuhu, which I bought on sale during a moment of weakness.  It is a beautiful, versatile, creamy beige colour and the baby llama/merino wool blend is perfect for snuggliness:

TuhuHank SidewalkShawlPattern

Hopefully I can make a start on the shawl this month.  One of the joys of crochet is its portability: I am well past caring about being seen crocheting in public.  Far more interesting than a freebie paper if I’m travelling too.  It also means that the project speeds along quite quickly!

The last thing to share with you is this massive, super-sized snowflake.  I was crocheting a few motifs fairly recently, saw this in my old Harmony Guide, and decided to have a go.  I wasn’t disappointed!  It makes a gorgeous centrepiece and I can see it on a cushion cover, backed with some complementary fabric.  The outer discs were a bit of a fiddle (they are done in three stages, over two rows), but the results are more than worth it.  Hopefully, when spring comes, I’ll find an equally beautiful flower to make.


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