Escape to Lindisfarne

I have come back to earth with a bump since my recent weekend away, and found myself wistfully recalling the gorgeous scenery of Northumberland.  There’s nothing quite like getting on the Tube to make a holiday fade away, so I thought I’d remind myself that it did actually happen and share some photos with you.  Far more interesting than the deadlines and decision-making hovering over me just now!  I hope to post an update on the Sunshine Coat next week.  It has been gorgeously sunny in London so far this week and I want to give the coat my full attention again – knitting it is as cheerful as the weather 🙂

Here are some snaps of Lindisfarne Priory, which has a close connection with St Cuthbert:

LindisfarnePriory01 LindisfarnePriory01c LindisfarnePriory04 LindisfarnePriory05 LindisfarnePriory09LindisfarnePriory11_StCuthbertStatue









Lindisfarne Priory was hauntingly beautiful and the weather was very kind.  I’m not much of a medievalist anymore and I was slightly embarrassed/caught out by questions that I would’ve been able to answer off the top of my head a few years ago…but never mind.  I will (somehow) find the time to brush up or revise.  My only saving grace is that I learnt well enough first time around!

We then crossed over to Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle – it is a National Trust property so not many photos (definitely not of the interior):

LindisfarneCastle01 LindisfarneCastle02 LindisfarneCastlePath LindisfarneCastleSignBamburgh Castle and beach were the last stop.  It was my first time on a beach on the north east coast of England and there’s nothing quite like cold salty air to clear the cobwebs from your mind.  Definitely sharper and more bracing than the softer Kent and Sussex beaches I’d normally visit!  I wish I could’ve bottled it and taken it home with me.

BamburghBeach02 BamburghBeach04_gull BamburghCastle02 BamburghCastle05

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