Selfish Knitting: My Pisces pullover

It’s a short, sweet and relatively quiet post from me this week.  I have been busy preparing for a photoshoot tomorrow, but in between that and finishing the Sunshine Coat I have found a moment to cast on for a jumper I’ve been longing to knit for some time.  It’s been one of those situations where the pattern is right, the yarn is on standby…all that’s needed is to get started, and for some inexplicable reason, that last part of the formula has been a problem.  Not any more.  It’s been too long.  And so I find myself knitting Sylvie, published way back when there were only twelve issues of The Knitter magazine:

SylvieTheKnitterMagThere is so much to like about this pattern: it is knitted in Rowan Lima, one of the cosiest, most sumptuous yarns on earth with an equally stunning colour palette; the lace pattern is classic, but not too fussy or detailed (that would fight with the inherent texture of Lima, which is another of that yarn’s charms); and happily for me, it is on fairly chunky needles – a finger-flying 5.5mm.

Of course, I have made a couple of mods 😉 namely to get rid of the buttons at cuff and hem – I’m undecided about the neckline, but I suspect that’ll hinge upon whether I can find any gorgeous buttons – and altered the sleeves, which I calculated were an extremely generous 40.5cm at the upper arm for my size, or approximately 5.5cm narrower than the body width measured flat.  After redrafting the sleeve I got stuck into the pattern, and this was the state of play yesterday morning:

PiscesJumper1 PiscesJumper3I’ve reached the sleeve cap since those photos were taken; all in all it has taken me about a week to get half the pieces knitted up.  I could probably have this done in another week or two.

The loveliest thing about this project, gorgeousness aside, is that I am not knitting at breakneck speedProgress is happening organically.  I have been so accustomed to making things for deadlines that I’d forgotten what it’s really all about: taking the time to enjoy every stitch.  The only thing that might draw my fingers to the accelerator is my growing excitement about this jumper and how beautiful it will be!

This week I received a design brief with my name attached to it; too soon it will be time to start swatching and sketching.  It’s an inspiring brief and I have an idea or two, but I will not forget this beautiful blue again.  I will do my best to make sure it’s done by the end of the month, come what may.  My last, possibly self-indulgent photo is a close-up of the fishtail lace pattern – it is a bit ‘closed’ because I haven’t pressed or blocked anything yet, but if nothing else you can see the softness and texture of the yarn.  J’adore.


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  1. jan Horrox says:

    A wonderful looking sweater Natalie.

    1. Thank you Jan ☺ it really is a joy to make up too!

  2. sindhoooo says:

    Beautiful sweater! I have not knitted a sweater so far, wish to make one like this!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you! I’ve just been looking at your website, it is so inspiring and your artwork is beautiful – I wish I could draw as well as that ☺. Best wishes, Natalie

      1. sindhoooo says:

        Thank you very much for your gracious visit to my blogs, your compliment encourages me a lot!

        TC! Keep smiling 🙂 Hoping to be in touch… 🙂

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