Announcing a new knitting group at Sew Over It!

Good morning – a quick message to let you know that we are launching a new knitting group at Sew Over It!  Our inaugural meeting will be on Monday, 13th October at the Clapham shop.  More details here:

Please do come along if you can.  As it’s a brand new thing, we’re open to your ideas, even though we’ve had some of our own about how the group will run.  There are many ways in which the group could develop, but the basic premise is for it to be a regular meet for people to turn up with their knitting for company, support with their projects, maybe to see old faces, and the hallmark of Sew Over It – tea and cake!

For example –  crocheters, do turn up as well!  The group could be just for knitters, or for knitters and crocheters, or, depending on interest, there could be a separate group for crocheters.  The only thing that makes me put on a *stern face* is that the group is not for beginners; you must have done the SOI Intro to Knitting course or have equivalent experience.

I’m very excited about October, and looking forward to seeing the crowd we get.  Hope to see some of you there – I’ll have an eye out for past students! 🙂

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  1. jan Horrox says:

    Good Luck with this Natalie – sadly I’m just too far away.

    1. Thank you Jan – I hope it takes off! It is a good distance from you but you know how to reach me regardless ☺

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