Quiet Knits, Quiet Nights

It’s been a quiet-ish week so far, so a smallish post this week.  I’m finishing up some new designs and a block of teaching has come to an end, including the inaugural Sew Over It knitting club.  The first night went really well and we got very positive feedback, some of which can be taken forward. Right now, it’s a chance to catch my breath, do a bit of organising and get stuck into some leisurely knitting-related stuff.  I have also been doing a bit of dressmaking – but more about that in the next few weeks!

First, the cardigan race is being won by green Drew.  At this rate I’ll be wearing it before the weather is too bitter! I’m glad I decided to knit the body in one piece; plus, the sleeves will be far smaller and easier/quicker to knit in comparison.  There was some sneaky cabling to make the stitches at the back line up for the decorative raglan decreasing (the fronts were fine), but I’ve now finished the back and left front, and next to do is slip the right front stitches off the makeshift holder and back onto my needles for finishing up:

DrewCardigan2 DrewCardigan3It’s a grey day in London so the light isn’t as good as I would like, and using the flash or any image-editing tools will make this shade of green appear lurid when it’s actually very cheerful.  The red and green does look festive, doesn’t it?  One of my students made that comment last week and I have to agree with her.  Plus, the two shades of green I’m knitting with give each other a lovely lift.  They don’t have very much to say for themselves when they’re apart, but together they sing!  My pink Heart cardigan is waiting patiently for my attention, but then I noticed that Kim Hargreaves’ second book has been released into the wild!  As ever, it somehow found its way onto my doormat 😉

KimHargreavesStillMy eyes went to the Mild cardigan first of all; the cabling on this is lovely and more dramatic than usual.  It’s meant to be knitted using Rowan Cocoon but I’m sorely tempted to break my yarn fast and make it in Den, an ultraviolet-looking shade of Brushed Fleece that’s been calling my name for a few months…  The same cable pattern of Mild is repeated on the Tranquil tunic, which is also a contender.  I have some stashed Kid Classic in Oats (a creamy neutral with a warm glow) that could end up as this garment!  I would change the funnel neck to a crew neck, and make it less of an oversized garment.  Experience has shown me that it isn’t worth handknitting jumpers/cardigans that you can sit on!  I really like the collection as a whole, but those two designs are the ones I can see myself making in the relatively near future.  I can’t help noticing the the garment modelled on the cover looks remarkably like my green Drew…but of course I prefer mine 😉

The arrival of Still is it for me as far as winter knitting goes.  Thinking about it, I have quite a few cardigan projects to keep me quiet/out of trouble/occupied for the winter!  The skies grow ever darker, and knitting cardigans in cheerful colours can only brighten them.

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