December Knitting

It has been a busy few weeks!  The weather has made a decisive turn and I thought I’d update you on a couple of projects I’ve been knitting lately.  I have been so busy teaching workshops and planning things for next year – mainly exciting things! – that it has been difficult to find time to work on personal projects.  Now that Christmas is approaching it seems like a good time to focus on my nearest and dearest, and the lucky recipient of this year’s knitted gift under the tree.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was making the Darkness Coat from Kim Hargreaves’ Still for a very good friend of mine.  I’m now in the home straight of knitting what has been a relatively quick but vast project; not since making Frankie from Breeze have I produced so many acres of stocking stitch!  I wish I could be bothered to knit something like this for myself.  It is shaping up beautifully but I have had real trouble capturing the true shade of this purple.  Sometimes it looks violet, sometimes it looks plum.  Judge for yourself – either way it looks gorgeous!

DarknessCoat2 DarknessCoat3This project has been one of those times when I wish I’d realised just how large some of the pieces were going to be!  You can see that the hood is pretty massive.  I haven’t knitted too many hoods in my time, but it’s safe to say you could get completely lost in this – in a snuggly way, of course.  When the right front is done, the last thing to do is add some pockets; just some inconspicuous inseam ones for extra comfort.  I have a feeling that wearing this will be like having a portable fleece blanket!

HeartCardigan2I also found myself looking at my Heart cardigan, feeling guilty for neglecting it.  Once this year’s gift is done I’ll give it some attention, but I am pleased to say that half a diamond has now become a full diamond!  The pattern is beginning to reveal itself.  I’m definitely glad I chose to fill the diamond with garter stitch rather than moss as in the pattern; it gives it a bit more variety.  The fabric is very light too, and I love the pink.

Crochet is also in my thoughts.  In the summer I found Irene, a beautiful floral lace cardigan by Vicky Chan.  I have some 4ply yarn waiting for a purpose and it’s destined to be a sweater version of this pattern.  Some people on Ravelry have already made it as a jumper and I think that would work better for me.  It’s such a beautiful, inspiring design.

I am also shifting back into design mode myself and have a few assignments on the go.  This was how my dining table looked when I finally went up to bed a couple of nights ago.  I normally hate leaving mess overnight, but this is what I closed the door on without much of a second thought!

MidnightMessThat’s a Barbara Walker volume you see in the background there – and my ever-present Snoopy pencil case, of couse.  Any excuse for using a vintage lace stitch pattern 🙂  Incidentally, the next couple of projects I intend to make for myself are lace…and pink.  Anyone else notice a theme?

Next week I will start a short series of posts on a current restoration project, something completely different from teaching and designing.  It has been – and is – fascinating to work on and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

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