Mission Cardigan: Update

Last time I wrote, I promised to let you know how my cardigans were coming along.  Here’s a round-up of the last few months’ projects.  First, the finished objects (FOs for those in the know) towards the end of 2014:

DarknessCoat DrewCardiganI’m really happy with how the Drew cardigan turned out, but I can safely say I’m over the boyfriend cardigan – back to normal fitting cardigans for me!  Along with the Thor cardigan, it’s been my go-to piece for layering.  Cosy and comforting, much like the Darkness coat on the left.  That was for a dear friend, and last I heard she was enjoying it immensely.  The Brushed Fleece yarn was beautiful to knit and so nice to wear, I caved in and bought some for myself…  Below are my current projects – the pink theme wasn’t a conscious choice, I promise!

PrettyPinkProjectsThe guilty pleasure – sorry, Brushed Fleece – is at the top here.  I don’t normally wear red, but this shade (Nook) has a lovely depth and fiery warmth.  I think I’m drawn to it because several shades of red make up the flecks in the yarn.  I think that red can look flat sometimes, but this definitely doesn’t.  I’m making the Mild cardigan from Kim Hargreaves’ Still.  It is a quick knit, but having three projects on the needles isn’t helping!  Heart is in the middle (about which more below) and at the bottom in pale pink is my shell lace jumper/cardigan – not decided yet – in Lima, to complement the Pisces pullover I made towards the end of 2014.  Here are some closeups of Mild and the Lima shell lace:

MildCardigan1 ShellLaceSweater1Unfortunately I’ve had to put these to one side because I’ve just got too many personal projects on the go – plus some sample knitting and new designs.  Over the last few weeks my main focus has been Heart, just because it was cast on first.  Happily, all these cardigans are chunky knits – needles range from 5.5mm to 6.5mm – so the end is in sight.  Preferably before the weather warms up!

HeartCardigan3 HeartCardigan4Originally, Heart was designed as a boyfriend cardigan – but like I said, I’ve had enough of those.  This is more of an average length – for me, this means the hem finishes just above the leg break – so amendments have been necessary.  The pocket linings now run into the ribbing and the front slope shaping has been adjusted so that it starts a few rows below the armhole cast-off stitches.  It’s still a gentle slope of a V, but I don’t mind at all.  Means my neck stays warm!  Sometimes V-necks can be a little cold if the shaping’s not right.HeartCardigan6








The plan is to get the right front cast off by the end of the week.  My big wish is to have the cardigan finished by the end of the month…and I can see it getting plenty of wear as soon as I’ve finished sewing it up 🙂  I’m already looking ahead to summer knit and crochet projects but I’m going to be disciplined.  Get this batch out of the way first!

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