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It has been an accident-prone week or so, beginning with last Monday.  The abridged version is that I suffered a head injury and spent last week resting, recovering, not doing very much and ultimately being bored.  (Lucky for me that I’d prescheduled last week’s post on new classes.)  I am slowly getting back to normal but thought I would share some of the beautiful, inspiring things I looked at to alleviate the boredom.  That, and the Australian Open tennis, was all I had to keep me occupied!

Unwittingly – or subconsciously – the art I liked best curated itself fairly well.  The theme was art that makes you look twice; double takes, double thinks (not the Orwellian brand of doublethink!).  Optical illusions and deconstructing or re-imagining the everyday always inspires me.  It is very easy to miss or be half-asleep to the sights and sounds of everyday life, but a few sparkles of imagination or humour can fire things up – or a questioning, probing angle forces one to think more deeply about routine affairs.  After staring at the same walls and being in the same rooms for several days, you can see why I might have gravitated to this kind of creativity.

As ever, Colossal had wondrous stuff and I singled out these floral artworks.  The pressed flowers by Ignacio Canales Aracil are a witty take on flowers in a vase and equally cheerful.  Sarah Illenberger has done something more dramatic with her flowers by arranging them into firework-like shapes, and collaborating with a photographer to create a backdrop akin to the night sky has been very successful.  Click the links above if you want to see more.

IgnacioCanalesAracil_Flowers SarahIllenberger_FlowerWorks








This next group was more illustrative and political.  When I saw these optical illusion illustrations by Rob Gonsalves I wanted more, and there are plenty!  I love the flights of fantasy and imagination: they remind me of some of my favourite literature featuring netherworlds or parallel universes, like Narnia or the His Dark Materials trilogy.  A stone’s throw from this was Pawel Kuczynski’s illustrations: although more political, the concepts of connection and interpretation are equally powerful.  I’ve chosen a war-related image, but there are many more to contemplate.  More from each artist at the links.

magic-realism-paintings-rob-gonsalves-11__880 PawelKuczynski_IdealistRevolution








Coming full circle, here’s some nature photography of iced flowers as part of a series on ice formations.  These little blooms capture something of that which I was trying to convey with my Frosted Flowers accessories collection.

NormanABuldoc_FlowerAfterIceStorm The enforced break has been great for stimulating inspiration and concepts and I have begun to make plans for museum visits, talks, book purchases and fun things to do over the next few months.  One of these is the Thea Porter exhibition at the FTM, which opens this weekend – and I’ll be posting about that later this month.  Can’t wait!

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