#WIDN Wednesday / Monochrome inspiration

A quick hello from me this week: the last several days have been busy/eventful, but I’ll have time for longer posts fairly soon, including the Thea Porter exhibition and my latest dressmaking challenge, my first coat!

As you might’ve guessed, my enthusiasm for the Irene jumper hasn’t waned one bit.  Here’s the state of play – just one and a half sleeves to go:

Irene5I’m almost sad to be in the home stretch, but on the other hand I’m teaching a couple of crochet classes this weekend at Fringe so it’ll be nice to show my students an example of what you can do with crochet.  Inspiration is what it’s about.

Speaking of inspiration, my ongoing love of illustration led me to these lovely things on Colossal.  Incidentally, my pencils and watercolours are out today for a deadline, and when I saw these black cats by Endre Penovác I immediately made a note.  Usually, bleeding splodges on the page are a mistake, but the way that he’s controlled the runs and bleeds to create his cats is just gorgeous – especially the texture of cats’ fur when they’re bristling for a fight or even just long-haired.  I might mention Penovác again around Halloween – better time of year for ghostly kitties!  More at the link above.

EndrePenovac_cats-1I was also attracted to this fusion of ceramics and patchwork by Molly Hatch.  She handpaints every single plate and puts them together to create one large installation.  There’s a lot of variety in her work – she uses colour and grayscale – but most striking is the way your eye dances around the installation; the gaps between the plates are just as captivating as the illustrations themselves.  It gives the work a musical or orchestrated feel inasmuch as the silences or gaps are just as important as the melodies or drawings.  I also see this echoed in the convex and concave curves created by the arrangement of the plates.  They have a real yin/yang feel, in more ways than one.

MollyHatch_ceramicplatepatchwork-4My last share is something that I’m seriously considering putting on my Christmas list this year.  It’s called a camera lucida and allows you to draw or trace exactly what you see. Never mind observational drawings!  I’d love to try this out and hope to do so next time I pass by an art shop.  Makes me want to get an upgrade on my tools.

Anyway, back to my humble drawing board!  Below is how it looks this morning.  I hope you all have a lovely week.


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