Easter weekend and other stuff

There’s definitely been a sense of newness, or preparing for things to come in my corner of the world over the last few weeks, and I’m looking forward to stuffing them into future posts wherever possible.  I’ll say now that there’s been a change or two that will affect my output of designs, but don’t worry, they will still manifest, and here’s some proof for you!  I’ve been working on some garments and accessories, mostly for new courses in autumn/winter, but one is for June.  It’s a crochet one and here’s a sneak peek:

CrochetSneakPeekIn time, you’ll find this design and pattern as part of a class at Sew Over It, aimed at crocheters who’ve taken the beginners course and want to learn a bit more about creating slightly more elaborate patterns whilst making something lovely to wear.  I’m hoping that project-oriented classes are the way forward and that people like them.  The downside for me is that they take much more time to produce (nobody else at SOI crochets or be my design assistant, but if they did… What a life that would be!) and have to be fitted in amongst my other work.  But I hope that folk are interested, and most importantly patient.  I’m getting there, I promise.  And if you’re a knitter, watch this space – I haven’t forgotten about you!

I’ve also been excited about teaching children how to crochet this last week or two.  For MONTHS I have been waiting to get into playcentres a town or two away from my home in London. and it finally happened this Easter break.  I ended up going to three different sites, and at each one I met delightful, imaginative, clever children fascinated by what happens when you take a weird-looking metal stick, colourful yarn and start pulling loops through each other.  I had my hands full (surprise, surprise!) and even got some of the staff interested, but I shared this snap on Instagram after the first batch of children had gone outside to play or have lunch:

TheDevastationAfterAChildrensCrochetClassIt took a little while to get the place straightened up again…and that photo’s just the area I could fit in the frame!  I enjoyed every minute of it and will be back for more during the summer holidays.

The increased busyness means I have been working away on my Choux Chevron every chance I get.  Alyssium has been put to one side because there’s enough crochet going on right now, so the knitting is back in the front seat.  I’ve finished the body and am now on the first of the sleeves:

ChouxBackAndFront ChouxSleeve1 ChouxSleeve2The weather has also warmed up nicely in London, so there’ll be more immediate use for a cotton layering piece.  But don’t worry: Alyssium is about 60% done – I’ve reached the bottom ribbing, so not too much more to go.  Actually, that leads me nicely onto the next part of my Easter weekend – a trip to Bath.  Alyssium was my travel project (told you it’d be good for that!) and I got lots done on a 4-hour round trip – even late during the evening.

One of the highlights of the Bath trip was a visit to the Fashion Museum – how could I not?!  Even though the first part of the day was sopping wet, the city was so beautiful and, more importantly, walkable, that the rain wasn’t important.  I’ll be writing a post about the Fashion Museum fairly soon – in fact, I’ve a few museum visits in the planning (Women, Fashion, Power; Fashion on the Ration; McQueen) but until then, here are some snaps.  The one in the bottom right corner is the view from the cafe window, where there was a race to see which would finish first: our pot of tea or the constant rain!  It was the tea of course, but at least the rain went away – eventually!

HighVictorianGown SoggyDaySoggyMuseumFashionMuseumCafeWindow

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