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Apologies for my absence last week.  I’m currently living in a building site and palace of chaos!  Furniture has been displaced, space eliminated, long-forgotten possessions unearthed and a doldrum of drilling blankets it all.  I miss my home.

BareNakedWalls1 BareNakedWalls2










And then the ceiling cracked 🙁BareNakedWalls3

The silent moments – including the relative silence of work – have been golden, and I’ve gobbled up as many as possible, filling the time with making or looking at pretty things.  I haven’t really been shopping for them – well, I’ll confess, maybe a little – but the idea of looking forward to nice post is a very cheerful one!

Another cheerful little note is finishing the River sweater.  Here it is , all violet and tidy on a hanger.

River6 River7It fits beautifully too, and I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it whilst the weather stays between 15-20 degrees.  It’s made me prowl around for more All Seasons Cotton; I’m waiting with bated breath for the summer clearance to see if the lovely buttercup yellow will be in the mix, but I’ve already fallen off the wagon and bought a bunch of this friendly baby pink from purlfect on Ravelry.  It’s a discontinued shade called Soul and I’ll probably draft a lace stripe top along the same lines as River, but with a round neck somewhere between a scoop and a crew and set-in sleeves.  Here it is with the hebe in the background, a regular guzzling station for the bees in spring and summer.

AllSeasonsSoulAndHebeThe noise and perpetual headache is a bit of a shame as this week is, or should be, a very nice one in my diary.  I’m trying not to let the grumpiness and irritation ruin things, but a snippy phonecall from my mother earlier this morning tells me I’ve some way to go.   (Sorry, Mum.  Don’t worry, she’s already had a proper apology!)

Tomorrow (Tuesday) features a 1-2-1 crochet lesson in the evening at Sew Over It Islington.  It’ll be my second time with this student and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s been up to in the last two weeks.  She has a lovely, sunny disposition too, just what I need.

I have a half-day on Wednesday and the afternoon features printmaking lesson 2 of 6.  I know next to nothing about printmaking so can barely explain what I’ve been doing, but I’ve learnt a new word: callography, and this technique is surprisingly simple, but with bags of potential.  I hope it’s enough to say that you create low relief sculptures on a plate using plastic, string, tape, all kinds of things, stick it down, ink it up, and roll it through the press.  I’ve noticed that less is more, and that there’s a bit of process art involved in that each print is unique, and the plate develops and reveals more about the layers of its composition.  I’ve two prints drying off in the studio as I write and can’t wait to see how different they are.  I also don’t know for sure if it’s a new technique each week – but I do know that I’m going to turn up and enjoy it!

Friday finds me at Woman’s Weekly HQ teaching people how to crochet.  That, along with the view from the roof, puts a grin on my face.  I do hope the weather’s nice.  And after WWHQ it’s time for something I’ve never really done before: go to a fun conference!  Blogtacular is actually on Saturday 13th, but there’s a lovely Friday night dinner for people to relax and mingle before the big day ahead.  It looks set to be a jam-packed and inspiring 36 hours and I’m excited about the potential, ideas and opportunity to meet lots of like-minded creative bloggers.  A little prologue to this is the story of how I got to Blogtacular in the first place, but it’s best told after the conference.  What I’ll say now is that it involves five wonderful women – Jen at Inky Collective, Sarah of Hello Little Beee, Sasha from The Life Wardrobe, Katie of BeNourishd, Natalie at Block Print Social – and Sunday lunch 🙂

Sunday 14th is a trip to the disused Charing Cross tube station and, if I get my way, Fashion on the Ration at the Imperial War Museum.  It’s right around the corner from one of my places of work but I’ve been saving myself for this weekend.  Much nicer to go to museums at leisure than cramming in a lunchtime or post-work visit.  There’s a lot to look forward to but I’m especially keen to see the many ways in which necessity was the mother of invention.  Social history is one of my interests and I hope Fashion on the Ration will be a great account of enterprise and indomitable human spirit.

So, a lot to look forward to.  And in the midst of drafting that last paragraph one of my Blogtacular mates above has told me to “breathe deeply and have faith that all this chaos will be wonderfully worthwhile…”, so I will.  And find more delightful distractions!  A quick walk into the garden to snap the nascent hydrangea and lavender reminds me to cheer up – there’s prettiness to follow.

BuddingHydrangea BuddingLavender

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