1 jumper, 4 WIPs

Drum roll please…the Brannagh jumper is finished!

BrannaghJumper1 BrannaghJumper2It’s been a while since I’ve completed a garment within a month.  This was ready to go before the end of August, but I got caught up with things over the bank holiday weekend and didn’t have time to write a post.  You can find out my more detailed  thoughts on the finished garment on my Ravelry profile, but suffice to say that overall I’m delighted with it!  A pretty and perfect layering piece for transitional weather, and for that reason I’m glad all over again that I chose Wool Cotton for this project rather than Felted Tweed.  I really think that Rowan don’t show Wool Cotton enough love; it’s hard to fault this yarn.  So comfortable and soft.

I still haven’t bought any other new season brochures, so sticking with the Rowan 58 vibe for the time being.  Kim Hargreaves’ new collection, Embrace, was released a few weeks ago but my head is far too full of the other two AW15 knits I’ve been working on – not to mention the unfinished things from last year that I have to unearth at some point!  Just to remind you, here’s how they looked under a year ago:

PrettyPinkProjectsSince then, only the middle project has been completed.  The other two are waiting patiently for me to bring them out of hibernation and turn them into cardigans.  I dug around in my project bag, pulled them out and was happy to see that things have moved on a bit since that photo was taken!  Not quite such a daunting task, although I couldn’t help noticing that I have a lot of finished or near-finished backs and not much else.  Altogether with the new two I’m working on, that makes 4 winter WIPS – and no, I’m not including the unfinished summer ones from this year (although if I did, that would make 6 WIPS, and being able to count WIPS on more than one hand makes me slightly ashamed)!

HeartCardiganBack HeartCardiganFrontThat said, I did finish the middle one of that group and I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of it on here yet.  So here’s the Heart cardigan, knitted in Kid Classic Plush run together with Fine Lace Quaint.  Similar colours, but there’s a subtle marled effect.

So, before I leave the pink-themed projects behind, here’s the state of the other two:

ShellCardiganUnearthed FieryBobbleCardiganThere was a bit of an error getting a more recent one of the red bobbles uploaded, so here’s this instead.  But the shell one is up to date.  Plus, the best thing about cardigans is that the back is usually the largest piece, so I often feel as though I’ve made decent headway once that’s done.

Back to the current season – and a big change in colour palette!  I have a newfound appreciation for green.  It’s not a colour I wear very often, but I’ve decided to change that.

TheGreenThemeAt the back is the Noelle jumper; in the foreground is the yoke of the Frosty cardigan; and the mint polka dots are for the Laura Ashley wrap dress pattern that has as good as changed my life!  I don’t have enough dresses with sleeves, so will be making the middle version or something like it.  I might change it so that I have the flounced skirt of the other two views and the bodice without the flounce to make it cardigan-friendly.  Incidentally, I have a pile of 5 1/2 cut out dresses to make.  That’s the REAL reason I didn’t post this time last week, I was cutting out fabric like a madwoman!  Time to reel myself in a bit…but in the coming weeks I hope to have some new dresses and knitwear.  Here’s a sneak peek of the other fabric scraps until next time.AW15FabricScraps

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