Preparing for Harvest

The academic year has ended, and apart from graduation the focus is entirely on September and preparing for new and returning students.  It’s also time for me to regroup and turn my attention to design work due out later this year, months before anyone else is really thinking about wrapping up warm.  That said, London and June have been in the midst of an argument for a few weeks now, and we’re all waiting to see whether the summer weather will win!

Early spring and summer has made me think of planting seeds, or nurturing young plants as they make the most of the warmth.  It’s one way of understanding my lifestyle of working behind the scenes on a design, or on projects that I will have to wait to reveal.  For sneak peeks of these, take a look at my Instagram feed – at the time of writing, the tiny bits of knitting will make a lot more sense and you’ll see what I’ve been building up to!  I could say something about finding pockets of time to do things, but it feels more like the quiet moments in a composition: those few bars’ rest that aren’t rest at all, but part of the music.  The poetry of silence that resets the ear and welcomes the time, rhythm and colour of the next movement.

I’d also like to share a small accomplishment of mine: drum roll please!

PurpleRib4These 16 rows of rib might not look like much, but for me they’re the equivalent of a marathon runner coming down the back straight.  Finishing this second sleeve is the final bend; picking up stitches for the front band and sewing up is the home straight.  Blogging about it and wearing it to death is the finishing line and beyond! 🙂

This purple cardigan has been hanging around for so long, it can’t help but be a reward in its own right. I’ll need it for the colder days of harvest, when it’s time to wrap up warm against the brisk notes of the autumn wind.

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