Two new designs for December: Alpine cardigan and Kim poncho

Hello there 🙂  In the December issue of Knitting, I have not one, but two designs!  You know what they say about buses: you wait for one, and then at least two come along at once…

First, the Alpine cardigan, knitted in Manos Del Uruguay:

K162_P23-34_Gallery 01.indd

Then the Kim poncho, knitted up in Wendy Aspire:

K162_P23-34_Gallery 01.indd

I’ve been waiting patiently for these designs to be released into the wild.  Originally, Kim was made in time for the September issue, but things were rejigged.  If I had the stamina to turn over two designs for the same deadline heaven knows what I’d be made of!

Look out for posts about how I conceived each design over the next couple of weeks.  Alpine was done and dusted at the end of August; Kim was completed at the beginning of May, so I’ve been waiting patiently to share them with you.  More next week, beginning with Alpine, and have a good one until then 🙂 x

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