Introducing the Cosy cabled scarf

Winter is fast approaching: you can tell, because the air has teeth – canines that sink into your skin as you brave the elements. It’s not quite balaclava weather, but it is time to protect your neck from the vampiric fangs of cold – and what’s better than a chunky scarf?

If you also fancy some cabling – fear not if you’re new to the technique, this pattern is beginner friendly! – and a pattern you can polish off in a couple of weekends, then this might be the charm that keeps the cold bites away. You can pick up this pattern, plus many others, in the November issue of Knitting magazine. Available in shops until November 15th 😊

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  1. thehookstook says:

    If I only I could get hold of that magazine! I fancied doing the Bonnie jumper you blogged about back in April but I couldn’t find the magazine in my 2 local WHSmiths – one is a small store, one large, and couldn’t find it in either! πŸ™

    1. Oh no! They’re definitely supposed to carry it – really sorry about that πŸ˜”. I will have my patterns available to buy singly, it’s just a question of when (as ever) and sorting out the best e-commerce option. Otherwise GMC often have back issues and are usually helpful. Hope this is something to go on at least…

  2. thehookstook says:

    Thanks. If they did have it, I either went at the wrong time(!) or couldn’t find it amongst the myriad of magazines covered in plastic with gifts enclosed!
    I’ll also have to sort myself out, and get prepared for e-buying, which I don’t do at the moment. Maybe we’ll both sort it out eventually! πŸ˜‰

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