When Will I Be Publishing My Back Catalogue? An Answer to a FAQ

Falling Leaves jumper (formerly the leaf and moss stitch sweater)

Lately a few knitters have asked me when I’ll release some of my older patterns originally commissioned by and published in Knitting magazine, going back to 2014.  I’m happy to say that I can now – partially – answer that question!

First, a quick explanation of why it has taken me so long to do anything thus far:

  • Self-publishing was, and still is, difficult to organise alongside a job in higher and further education.  At the time, the commission process worked: I could slot things in and work them around teaching so long as I met the editorial deadline.  It worked well for several years, but my life is now different (and would have been even without COVID in the mix);
  • A number of samples need to be reknitted.  I don’t fit into them – and never did, in some cases.  For others, the original yarns have been discontinued.  To rectify this I will need to find modern altenatives and approach spinners or yarn companies for support;
  • I need to expand the sizing range across all my patterns – my grading skills have improved enough for me to feel confident about grading for a greater size range.   My newer patterns (Amethyst and Fishtail Tee onwards) are already there, but the older ones are not.  For some designs involving panels (Snuggle, Nosegay) this will be more intricate; I will need to preserve the balance and unity of the ratios so that the feel of the design is preserved for everyone.  For other designs the process will be relatively simple;
  • All the designs need to be re-photographed.  I have no rights over the magazine photos and can only use them for my portfolio or other kinds of promotion.  Commercial use, i.e. featuring them in patterns I sell, is prohibited.

Consequently, I intend to release the patterns in batches.  Before the COVID lockdown, I was hoping to release the first batch this autumn/winter.  That may still happen; I have one more project to complete samples for before I devote my time to this.

The patterns in the first batch will be:

  • Falling Leaves sweater (this will be the new name of the Leaf and Moss Stitch sweater, which you can see in progress below)
  • Kim poncho
  • Westcott shawl
  • Cosy scarf
  • Parquet snood
  • Frosty scarf
  • Honeycomb mitts

I will keep you updated on timings etc when I can, but please know that I am definitely working on getting the patterns to you!  Thank you 🙂

Falling leaves sweater in progress

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