New Design Collection | Something to Knit Together, Winter Edition

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Something to Knit Together, Winter Edition - Arnall-Culliford Knitwear and Natalie Warner

It’s time to announce a fairly big project I’ve been working on since early spring: I am the guest designer for Arnall-Culliford Knitwear’s (also known as A-C Knitwear) winter collection for 2020, and it launches TODAY! Read on for more – and a cheeky little discount code…

A-C Knitwear is a small family business run by Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford, and some knitters may already know them as JenACKnitwear and VeufTricot on Instagram. Even if you don’t, Jen and Jim have been technical editors and writers for many years, and the chances are you’ve knitted a pattern that their eagle eyes and spider senses have screened for quality. As a designer, I have bags of time for technical editors and test knitters; they contribute so much to the patterns knitters enjoy and are always a safe pair of hands to catch you – if not grab you by the scruff of the neck! – and I knew from their reputation that working with Jen and Jim could only be a delightful experience. And guess what? IT WAS!

Together, Jen and Jim have built up a series of knitting books focused on techniques and supporting knitters as they build up their skills – or fill in missing gaps for those with more experience – and there are also several video tutorials if you prefer to learn that way. As you might guess, the Arnall-Cullifords are very experienced and enthusiastic teachers, and their gift for making knitting and learning fun and accessible shines through beautifully. They also have a Knitalong Hub community space for camaraderie, chitchat, news and shop updates, so there are several ways that you can join in and enjoy the Something to Knit Together Winter Edition with other knitters. And by “other knitters”, I also mean me! I have also joined and will be knitting along with you if you do too.

Jen has written a blog post introducing the collection, which I encourage you to read to find out more: yarns, projects included, the pattern release schedule, and where to buy the collection. For now I’ll say that there are five pieces: two small accessories, each of which uses 2-3 balls of yarn, one larger accessory, and a garment with sweater and cardigan options. I am a big fan of versatility and depth in patterns, and I’m looking forward to sharing how I built that into these designs and how you, the knitter, can adapt things as you see fit.

As a special introductory offer, Jen and Jim have very kindly set up a discount code. You can save 10% off the entire collection with the code NATALIESENTME! You have the choice of buying the entire ebook from the A-C Knitwear website, or the entire ebook from Ravelry; the discount code can be applied in both online shops, so you won’t miss out if you have a preference. If you then want to dive straight in and buy kits for your chosen projects, head over to Jen and Jim’s website: you have the choice of a Taster Kit, an Accessories Kit or an Everything Kit. As I write, the kits are running with a discount showing what you’d save if you were to buy the yarn separately – that is, after the kits are sold out.

In any case, make sure you sign up to the A-C Knitwear newsletter (the ‘Subscribe’ button is at the bottom of the linked page) and join the A-C Knitwear Ravelry group to keep up to date. There is also a Ravelry page for the collection, if you’d prefer to follow that, and the designs will also be linked to my designer profile.

Please note that the discount expires at midnight GMT on Thursday, 26th November 2020. Kits are also limited edition – once they’re gone, they’re gone – and single patterns will not be available to buy until early 2022. The kits and ebook are available separately, so if you intend to buy a kit, take care to add each item to your basket when checking out.

Finally, there will be more info and content from us released in the coming days and weeks, including an interview with yours truly, so stay tuned for that!

It was an absolute pleasure to design and work with Jen and Jim, and I’m excited to see the projects pop up in the wild <3 It remains for me to say that I really hope you enjoy the collection!

Something to Knit Together, Winter Edition - Arnall-Culliford Knitwear and Natalie Warner

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