Introducing My Virtual Bookshop!

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Another short post this week, this time to let you know that I am now an affiliate of!

Part of my long-term plans for this blog include reading, reviewing and recommending books that are useful for design; plus anything else that I’ve read and enjoyed personally. To that end, I have been looking for ways to support local bookshops for quite some time, and last month I came across Bookshop.

Consequently, any future book recommendations or mentions from me will contain affiliate links. My bookshop is currently empty, but rest assured that will change in the coming months!

This affiliate marketing scheme is one that I am happy to put my name to because it involves supporting an endangered species – independent bookshops – creates a handy reference for any book I refer to in my blog posts, and allows people to find books from an online outlet that isn’t Amazon. Also, bookshops and libraries are the lifeblood of communities. Where I grew up in London, there were three independent bookshops, plus a thriving local library, and as a child I looked forward to visiting them all with my Mum, who was more than happy to nurture my love of reading! Especially when it kept me quiet and entertained for long stretches.

By the time I started secondary school aged 11, all three local bookshops had closed down; today, devastating cuts to public spending in the UK mean that several libraries are under threat of closure, never mind the drastically reduced number of independent bookshops. And if you live in the US or the UK, are lucky enough to still have a local bookshop and particularly want to support them, you can do that via Bookshop too.

Read more about Bookshop here.

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