Fortnightly blog posts from next week

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Swatches of seed stitch rib and stocking stitch sit on top of handwritten notes, taken in black ballpoint ink.

A very short but sweet post to let you know that, as of next week, I’ll be posting on a fortnightly schedule.

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that my longer, research-intensive posts are most enjoyed by readers – and in order to keep those up, I had two options. The first was to rush out filler posts on alternate weeks; the second was to switch to fortnightly posts, which are less frequent, but hopefully more of what’s already appreciated.

Quality over quantity won in the end – but if you do want to hear from me every week, you can sign up to my newsletter, which is also fortnightly! As you might guess, the newsletter is more personal, but does feature behind-the-scenes snippets of design work and other goings-on.

While I’ve got you I’ll mention my Ko-Fi page, which is also linked via the ‘Support Me’ button floating on the bottom left corner of every page on my site. Small donations here (£4) help to sustain the time it takes to research and write my blog posts, and you can support me via one-off donations – a tip or pat on the back, if you like – or, if you have the means, you can be an absolute angel and set up a recurring payment. (And a very big THANK YOU to my first Ko-Fi angel with a recurring donation! You know who you are.)

I’ll be back next week with the next part of Knitwear Design 101; until then, take care, and enjoy these first few days of summer weather!

Natalie x

Fortnightly blog posts from next week

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Natalie in Stitches

I design for confident knitters who are keen on getting their garments to fit well. My catalogue includes knitting patterns for lace sweaters, cable sweaters, shawls, cowls, and the occasional scarf. These designs are ideal for building or curating an inspiring wardrobe. I am also a qualified teacher and share my favourite tips, tricks and techniques on my blog, where you can also find advice on garment fitting, alterations, knitwear design and sewing pattern reviews. Courses are also coming soon - sign up to my newsletter for updates.

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