Framing Our Problems with Fit

How can we solve fitting problems so that makers don’t fall out of love with garments? Originally published in Moorit, an independent crochet magazine.

Blog on pause for April

Hello dear reader, The blog is on pause during April, but I will be back in May with new writing and some sewing projects. Until then, this is the first of two posts I have lined up to keep things ticking over. It’s very early in the season for apples, but they are the subject…

From Needle to Needle: One Year On

Some thoughts and reflections on how the handknit and crochet industries have progressed in the past year, and where they might go next

(Partly) Stitched Up: Two Blouses

The Coat of Dreams is on pause: partly because I was unwell over New Year and lost momentum, and partly because it hasn’t been cold!  So far, a warm winter coat hasn’t been needed overall – an extra layer has been the charm.  It’s much too soon for me to forget about the April snowfall…