FN2N, part 3 | Design Process 1: Inspiration

Design is an interdisciplinary subject with care and communication at its heart; the most powerful, well-loved and transformative designs connect humans together. This is a bit of a series within a series discussing the stages of design process, beginning with design inspiration.

Merry Christmas 💕

A very quick one to wish you all a merry Christmas, and thank you for visiting my blog and website this year. I will be back in early January. Love, Natalie 💕

When Will I Be Publishing My Back Catalogue? An Answer to a FAQ

Lately a few knitters have asked me when I’ll release some of my older patterns originally commissioned by and published in Knitting magazine, going back to 2014.  I’m happy to say that I can now – partially – answer that question! First, a quick explanation of why it has taken me so long to do…