Coat of Dreams | Lagan by Itch to Stitch

Almost a decade ago, I went into Simply Fabrics and picked up some beautiful wool coating fabric. I did what some people don’t recommend: stashing fabric with no real plans for it. What these people don’t understand is that sometimes things happen on their own schedule, and that you have to be alert to opportunities….

Summer Sewing

I am taking a break this August, but part of that involves some personal sewing. I haven’t had time for it these past few months – newsletter readers will know that I’ve been well into preparing AW patterns for release – but I’ve really missed writing pattern reviews. The last one was the Arenite pants…

Are Zips a Lifestyle Choice?

Is it possible to think of zips as a lifestyle choice rather than an essential part of women’s/femme clothing?  I think it is.  What do you think?

REVIEW: My visit to the LCF World of Womenswear Pattern Cutting

Last month I was lucky enough to get a place on the Womenswear Pattern Cutting: Intensive course run by the London College of Fashion.*  Although I had a fair understanding of the subject and certainly enough to be able to realise my knitwear designs from idea to finished pattern, there were a few gaps in…