Knitwear Design | CAD and Grading

You must first complete Knitwear Design | Pattern Drafting before taking this course.

If you’re thinking about pattern grading, you’ve already come a long way…

The final stage of design realisation is pattern grading.  After creating a pattern for one or two sizes, you’ll want to make the dimensions of your design as accessible to knitters as possible.  Grading is more than just producing a range of sizes for knitters to choose from; it’s about honouring body shape, representation, and styling details.

Bringing your designs to life – for other knitters

If you’re thinking about grading knitting patterns, you’ve come a long way.  The fairy dust of composition and idea generation has settled in the Visual Communication and Design Development modules, and your confidence has grown.  Thanks to your new skills and understanding of Pattern Drafting, you’re creating something even more tangible – something you can knit up and sample.

As your pattern takes shape, you’re beginning to think about the body shapes of the knitters who might want to make it too.  You didn’t go on this journey just to make knitwear for yourself; you want to share it with others and make a positive difference to their lives and wardrobes.  That’s where CAD and pattern grading come in.  This module is all about grading knitting patterns.

Magical maths

Here’s what you’ll learn

How to analyse and interpret sizing charts

Make connections between grade rules and styling details

Use CAD solutions to produce a graded pattern

headshot of Natalie modelling the Bonnie sweater

Your tutor, Natalie Warner

Our first lesson will be an introductory one. You don’t need to bring anything, just yourself. But if you have any questions, now or in future, you can send me a message here.