Sometimes I share the design process and realisation of my knitwear. If you’re interested in finding out about knitwear design development in the context of a project, I hope you’ll enjoy these articles. If you do, please let me know – I hope to add yet more.

These pages are for knitters curious about how designs come together, or for designers who want to see how their colleagues go about things! We’re all different, and I don’t mind sharing my way of designing, especially if it helps others to make sense of what they’re doing.

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For the designers

You might be interested to know that I am putting together a knitwear design course, which runs the gamut from visual communication to pattern grading. As of July 2023, the grading course is in its final stages, but the course will be back in evergreen and live cohort formats. There will also be other learning resources for those who are unable to take a course.

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You may also like my blog posts under the category Knitwear Design 101. There’s a wealth of insight into the knitwear design process there, too.

For the knitters

Some of the designs – Parquet jacket, Little Waterfalls tunic – are out of print; for those, I recommend visiting my Ravelry page for more information. The Gaspra cardigan pattern is available to buy from The Fibre Co website. The Kim poncho is on the to-be-released list. I don’t yet have a date, but please keep checking back or join the Pattern Spotlights list to find out when the updated pattern is available.