Welcome to my portfolio page! This is where you’ll find my favourite designs and more information about my creative work. I’ve been designing knitwear since 2013.

I design for confident knitters who are dedicated to garment fit and honouring their body shape.

My garments tend to include a lot of texture: lace, cables, and occasional colourwork. Let me tell you a bit about them before you get stuck into the pretty pictures 😉

One of my tenets is evergreen, which means for me:

Cheerful 1940s-inspired sweater with lace chevron stripes and waist dart detail

A woman wearing a beautiful pink sweater sitting on a futon reading a book propped up on a cushion.  She's surrounded by stationery, a pile of books and an ombre blanket.


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Before I let you go…

Thank you for visiting,
Natalie x