I am designing a modified drop-sleeve V-Neck pullover. My concern is how to address the issue of the sweater rising up at the middle of the CF. I think that having a narrower neck width may help. Is there a short-row solution, just under the V, here as well? Another solution? Any comments will be appreciated!

V-Neck Design: How to address “pulling up” at centre front
  • Jessie

    Is it a lack of bust darts? More fabric used up traveling out and over in front? I am one of the least experienced here, though, so hoping others will chime in!

  • Karen Henderson

    Thanks, Jessie. I definitely think darts would play a role in general in getting a good fit and not having the front of the garment lift for cup sizes greater than B. When I was looking for examples to post, the photo of the man with the stripes caught my eye and made me think that there is something else at play, too.

    Perhaps designers just figure that that's the way a v-neck sweater is going to lay but Natalie's ingenious improvement of the fitting at the shoulder of the raglan through short rows has me wondering if there isn't a solution out there. Short rows come to mind to lengthen the front at the v or on either side of the v, but I am not sure if it is possible to figure out how much length to add, if indeed short rows are the answer.

  • Karen Henderson

    After a bit of research, I am going to start by trying a couple of things on my pullover. One is to ensure that the back neck width is as narrow as possible (with the width of the neck band taken into consideration) and the other is to stabilize the back neck and shoulder seams, upon completion, with slip stitch crochet to prevent the weight of the sleeves from pulling the neckline open. I suspect that there is less of an issue with a v-neck in a set-in sleeve design as the sleeve seam sits on the shoulder.

    If anyone has any ideas or insights, I'm all ears.

  • Becci

    I'm with Jessie, my best guess is that it's a lack of bust darts. You could add them, or you could add short row shaping to curve the hem, so that the CF sits lower than the side seams when laid flat.

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