Reunite cardigan


Classic versatile textured cardigan


Reunite is a timeless piece that you’ll be wearing for many years to come. Decked with classic details – crew neck, set-in sleeves, crowd-pleasing cables – you will treasure this knit as much as you’ll enjoy knitting it. And if you’d prefer to make a cardigan, you’re covered: hop over to the Unite sweater to see what you’ll get!

Starting at the hem with a rib, this basket weave and cable cardigan features a classic set-in sleeve construction. The Fronts, Back and Sleeves are knitted separately – making this a really portable project – before being seamed together. Full photo and video tutorials are included to walk you through the finishing process for this sweater. The neckband stitches are then picked up and a simple garter stitch band is knitted on, followed by a garter stitch button and buttonhole band.


Special Techniques
Joining shoulders with back stitch (photo and video tutorial)
Setting in the sleevehead (photo and video tutorial)
Joining sleeve and side seams in one (photo and video tutorial)
Picking up stitches (video tutorial)
Video tutorials relating to this pattern can also be found at


In sections 9 and 14 of the pattern, it should say:
You now need to work straight until the (Left or Right) Front is 18 (18, 18, 20, 20, 22, 22, 24, 24, 26) rows shorter than the Back, to the point where your back neck and shoulder shaping started.

The yarn used for the sample was Something to Knit with Aran, which is in the process of being discontinued; however, any standard Aran yarn with a stocking stitch/stockingette tension of 18 sts x 24 rows to 10cm will likely be an excellent substitute.  Please visit YarnSub for more guidance, and make sure you knit a test swatch!


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