Book Review | Sharon Rothman, The Fashion Designer’s Sketchbook

The edition I’m reviewing has the following details: Bloomsbury, 2016 | ISBN 978-1-4725-6729-1. There is a newer edition here. I’ve written a smidgen about design development before, but somehow not yet got around to showcasing this book on the blog.  This fortnight’s book review is dedicated to my current cohort of pilot students, who are…

Favourite Book | Maitland Graves, The Art of Color and Design

Another formative influence. I learnt about the elements and principles of design whilst studying, but it took several years for me to track down the source. The quantity of exercises and interdisciplinary nature of this book make it a must-read for me.

Favourite Book: Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

This was the book that made me see that perhaps I could be a designer after all.  The focus on product design, engineering and empathy was refreshing because of the focus on people, and designing products and systems that work for the people using them, not the other way around.