FN2N, part 6 | Design Process 4: Curation

If you have been steadfast about the design process as a whole and held onto the integrity of your vision, at this point you look over your inspiration, innovation, and development work and make executive decisions about what is or what is not right for your design or collection. Curation is not a selection or editorial process; it is a means of opening a dialogue so that you can evaluate intentions and progress…

FN2N, part 5 | Design Process 3: Development

The development phase is one of the longest stages of the design process because it’s when you start transmuting ideas from imagination into reality.
With knitting (and crochet too), you’re aiming to speak with colour, pattern and texture; know that if you can find the words, you can find the stitches. Only the medium of communication has changed: you are learning and using a different language, that’s all.

FN2N, part 4 | Design Process 2: Innovation

If inspiration is finding your voice, then innovation and development is the first stage of learning how to speak. Without good, well-developed ideas, you will have nothing. After all, you’re a designer!

FN2N, part 3 | Design Process 1: Inspiration

Design is an interdisciplinary subject with care and communication at its heart; the most powerful, well-loved and transformative designs connect humans together. This is a bit of a series within a series discussing the stages of design process, beginning with design inspiration.