My Tiny Toolkit

Sometimes I wish I had a lovely kit bag for my knitting. But with a toolkit this size, it might be overkill! Here’s how I use what I do have.

Introducing the Huddle hat!

It’s a bittersweet post today, but I am no less delighted to reveal the final piece in the Something to Knit Together Winter Edition! Please say hello to the Huddle hat, which does a grand job of topping off what’s been a fabulously cosy confection of knits.

Introducing the Reunite cardigan!

Introducing the Reunite cardigan, the companion to the Unite sweater! Read more about this beautifully versatile layering piece, complete with pattern hack ideas and a free gift 🙂

New Design: The Aneeta cardigan

Introducing another new design from the lockdown bottleneck: the Aneeta cardigan, knitted in The Fibre Company Luma!  You can find this design in the latest issue of Knitting magazine, issue 210, which is out now. I published my first design about seven years ago, and I have always paid attention to how women’s clothes have…

Forensic Knitting – or, a Christmas yarn story

Forensic (adj): relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime This is a bit of a geeky post, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!  I was inspired to write it because I am one of the many knitters in the world making a Christmas…

On the blog: The finished Sunshine Coat, complete with lining!

So…drum roll please, here is the finished Sunshine Coat in all its glory!               Delivery took place on Sunday, and as you can see, my friend’s happiness matches the cheery combination of yellow and soft lavender!  It fits beautifully too – although I should remind you/note that the size…