Knitwear Design 101: A monthly series

Yep, just when you thought I was finished writing a blog series! But this one is monthly rather than weekly, and there will be breaks in between with posts on a variety of subjects. I wanted to have a long-term series on knitwear design because it’s a subdiscipline of design that is also interdisciplinary within…

FN2N, part 8 | Towards a Caring Economy of Knitting

In my previous post I detailed some approaches to sustainable working practices that support designers and makers. This week I will step further back from knitting and crochet patterns to discuss how clothing production needs to get away from the market economy, and what that might mean for knitters, crocheters, and other clothes makers.

FN2N, part 3 | Design Process 1: Inspiration

Design is an interdisciplinary subject with care and communication at its heart; the most powerful, well-loved and transformative designs connect humans together. This is a bit of a series within a series discussing the stages of design process, beginning with design inspiration.