Knitwear design in progress. Swatches of knitting surround a pad of paper and scattered pencils.

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A short but sweet post this fortnight about a new creation of mine.

I’m piloting a number of study modules that’ll form a comprehensive course on knitwear design. This course will follow the design process, beginning with visual communication through development and realisation.

Next month, on Monday 7th November, begins a pilot course on Visual Communication. As I write, there are a few spaces left.

If you’re tired of being in the dark about the fundamentals of drawing, and ready to elevate your drawing skills to find a style that’s confidently and uniquely yours, I hope you’ll take a look. This visual communication module is the first part of my knitwear design course, created to build knitters’ confidence, sketching and research skills. 

Amazing visuals are for everyone, but they need to be true to a person’s identity. Based on a survey earlier this year, I know that some designers don’t have as much confidence with their drawing as they do with their knitting.

I can help.

It’s not a question of creative ability. It’s a question of finding a way to express your inspiration and research…in a way that belongs to you.

It doesn’t matter if you have some drawing experience or none at all. You don’t need to buy any art materials – you only need pencils and an sketch pad. And if you already have media like ink, watercolours and pastels, you can bring those too! This course is as much about knitters learning from each other as it is about learning from me.

Not your cup of tea?

Don’t worry if visual communication isn’t for you, because there’s more to come. Future modules on applied maths (is anyone surprised at that?? I doubt it!), size charts, grading and more are in the pipeline.

If you’re interested in future pilot modules, sign up to the mailing list here. This is a dedicated segment for classes and courses. All announcements will be made here first, and this is the first and last time I’ll mention it on the blog.

And if you know somebody who might be interested in the course, please tell them about it!

Introducing my knitwear design course!

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