Knitwear Design 101 | Fabrication, part 2

In Fabrication part 1 I discussed fibre type, staple and yarn construction.  This month I’ll focus on fabric construction and how construction techniques affect knitted fabric in general terms.

Knitwear Design 101 | Fabrication, part 1

Knit and crochet designers have several duties when it comes to fabrication.  As well as considering the overall shape and silhouette of a garment, there comes the question of: Fibre type Yarn construction Fabric construction Appropriate construction techniques Appropriate finishing techniques This post focuses on fibre type and touches on yarn construction; fabric construction, construction…

Knitwear Design 101: Drop repeats and surface pattern design

The drop repeat is the most widely used method of tessellation symmetry in knitting and crochet. It can occur along a vertical axis – when most textile books will refer to it as a ‘drop’ repeat – or a horizontal axis, when it can also be referred to as a brick repeat.

Knitwear Design 101: Introduction to Surface Pattern

“Pattern” is a loaded, confusing word.  It can serve as a model or aspirational figure – “If you follow the pattern, you’ll get a sweater like the one in the photo” – or, more likely in that situation, a recipe.  Instructions are received and, like cooking, they are used as a base for creation, with…

Knitwear Design 101: A monthly series

Yep, just when you thought I was finished writing a blog series! But this one is monthly rather than weekly, and there will be breaks in between with posts on a variety of subjects. I wanted to have a long-term series on knitwear design because it’s a subdiscipline of design that is also interdisciplinary within…