Favourite Book: Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

This was the book that made me see that perhaps I could be a designer after all.  The focus on product design, engineering and empathy was refreshing because of the focus on people, and designing products and systems that work for the people using them, not the other way around.

FN2N, part 8 | Towards a Caring Economy of Knitting

In my previous post I detailed some approaches to sustainable working practices that support designers and makers. This week I will step further back from knitting and crochet patterns to discuss how clothing production needs to get away from the market economy, and what that might mean for knitters, crocheters, and other clothes makers.

FN2N, part 7 | Economies of Knitting Pattern Production

This post brings us back down to earth to talk about economies of knitting pattern production. You will have to be VERY realistic about how much you can earn from selling knitting patterns. This is a long one, so buckle up!