Five helpful resources for knitwear designers

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Happy new year, dear readers!

I’m eyeballs deep in the second pilot course module on Design Development, so it’s a quick post this fortnight. If design isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for business or technical help, have a look at what these lovely knitters are doing. As a group, they’re some of my favourite resources for knitwear designers.

  • The Tech Editor Hub and Tech Tip Talks | Sarah Walworth is the link between these two excellent resources. You can learn about technical editing, pattern grading and drawing schematics at the Tech Editor Hub, and Tech Tip Talks is a monthly YouTube vlog. The latter is co-hosted with Kristina McGrath, and I have barely missed an episode since launch. You can also find them on Patreon.
  • Tian Connaughton | Tian has a wealth of courses and a business community for fibre artists. She is full of inspiration and excellent advice. Visit her website to see all that she has to offer – coaching, mentoring, private groups, podcast – the list goes on! As knitting professionals go, Tian is in the super-heavyweight category.
  • The Pattern Design Circle | Jessica Brist (Snickerdoodle Knits) is the brains behind this community. Join for access to mentoring, business support, and a wealth of resources curated to help designers on their journey. Jessica also has a YouTube channel featuring interviews from yarnfolk around the world.
  • The Fiber Business Collective | Anastasia Williams and Jen Parroccini run this community. Anastasia is also a marketing specialist and at the helm of M1R Marketing. She’s also responsible for a thoughtful and insightful newsletter, which I look forward to every Sunday.
  • Kate Atherley | In the world of tech editors, Kate is in the super-heavyweight division. She’s authored a number of books, regularly hosts workshops in person and online, and is a maths genius to boot. I have learnt so much from working with Kate on my patterns over the years, and can personally attest to her dedication, friendliness, and attention to detail. As far as I know, none of my patterns have fazed her! Find Kate online here.
  • BONUS 6: Hannah Middleton | Hannah is online as Works of Our Hands, and is a tech editor. I found her thanks to her YouTube tutorials on schematics, which she creates using Inkscape.

I’d also like to shout out Frauke Urban, Jenna Sargent, and Alex Capshaw-Taylor aka WorldKnits for her brilliant knitting calculators.

Your turn…

What or who are your go-tos for design support, and why? Share your favourite knitwear design resources in the comments below!

Five helpful resources for knitwear designers

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