Isblomst shawl


Winter glamour meets snuggly yarn in this lace shawl. This knitting pattern features a beautiful back panel and a knitted leaf border.


Channel winter glamour with the Isblomst lace shawl.  Once upon a time, my teacher – a bridal couture designer/pattern cutter – told me to design from all sides.  If you’re getting married, guests sitting behind you will certainly admire this Faroese-inspired shawl!

With lace mesh wings, waterfall fronts and leafy edging detail that picks up the central panel motif, Isblomst is a real treasure.  If you’d prefer less of a centrepiece or just to dress down a bit, simply turn the shawl around and loop the ends around your neck for a cosy cover-up.

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Isblomst is worked from the bottom up, gradually widening to form wings.   There are two central leaf panels, plus symmetrical eyelet increases within the trellis lace pattern. Each gusset is worked one side at a time, with the last stitch of the second side used as the first stitch of the leaf edging.  This leaf edging is then picked up and knitted lengthways onto the perimeter of the shawl.  Short rows are used in order to create the extended edges of the shawl and turn the corners of the edging.  The final result, when viewed from the front, is a beautiful jabot-inspired V-neckline that cascades down the centre.

Special Techniques
  • Lace increases and decreases (yarn over, ssk, sssk, k2tog, k3tog, CDD)
  • German short rows

The lace shawl pattern is charted, with written instructions and helpful notes to support any modifications or yarn substitutions.

You’ll need approximately 800m of laceweight yarn for Isblomst. If you’re holding two yarns together to knit a denser fabric (see below), you’ll need 800m of each yarn.

The photographed sample was knitted in Rowan Fine Lace and Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  Both yarns were held together throughout.  Substitution advice is given in the pattern notes, especially for those allergic to mohair.  However, you may also like to visit YarnSub for more immediate information:

You can look at more Natalie in Stitches knitting patterns by visiting the Garments or Accessories sections of the shop or the Design Portfolio.

Isblomst shawl


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