Bitten gloves


Fingerless gauntlet gloves with lace trims


This fingerless gauntlet glove pattern is a lovely weekend project!  If you have any particularly gorgeous DK yarn on standby, the Bitten gloves are ideal.  Knitted up in Titus Lace and Lowther Lace from Eden Cottage Yarns, these gloves are incredibly warm, soft, and soothing on hands bitten by the cold.

The Bitten gloves are offered in six sizes, ranging from a 15cm/6in palm to a 25.5cm/10in palm.  Comprehensive notes are included so that you get the best possible fit.  You’ll get advice for fitting the hand, construction variations, and knitting fully-fingered gloves.

The doubled lacy trims are also an eye-catching detail.  In the blue sample, each yarn is held SINGLE to knit the trims, which creates a beautiful layered effect.  Next, the two yarns are held together to knit the main part of the glove.  On the other hand, the silver sample shows both yarns held together to work the trims, as for the main part of the glove.

I encourage you to have fun with colour, if not stashbusting, if you choose to knit the trims!  In addition, you can omit the trims if you prefer a simpler look.

Colour combinations

To help with this, the lovely folk at Eden Cottage Yarns have put together some beautiful colour combinations.  There is a dedicated yarn collection for the Bitten gloves on their website.  You can also take a look at their Bitten Gloves album on Flickr for more.

Everything is knitted flat, which makes this fingerless glove pattern more accessible to beginners.  The thumb gore lies at the centre of the knitting, and the side seam is parallel with the side of the hand, starting at the little finger. The lace trims are knitted lengthways.  Stitches are picked up along the straight edge of the trim to begin the main part of the glove, which is in stocking stitch.  Finally, the finger edges are trimmed with garter stitch.

Special Techniques
  • Lace increases and decreases (yarn over, ssk, k2tog, sl1-k2tog-psso)
  • Make 1 style increases
  • Picking up stitches through two layers of fabric

The silver sample was knitted in Eden Cottage Yarns Titus Lace and Lowther Lace.  Both of these yarns were held together throughout.  Substitution advice is given in the pattern notes, especially for those allergic to mohair.  You may also like to visit YarnSub for more immediate information:

You can look at more Natalie in Stitches knitting patterns by visiting the Garments or Accessories sections of the shop or the Design Portfolio.

Bitten gloves


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